Appropriate Green Technology for Fish Farmers

Feeding fish is one of the important things in the cultivation of fish. Unfortunately at this time the fish feeding system is generally still very dependent on human resources for its giving is still manual. Simple feeder by hand spread fish feed directly into the pool / fishpond.

Appropriate Green Technology for Fish Farmers

The use of the system has several deficiencies, namely frequent errors in scheduling fish feeding and also the absence of dose control on each gift. This will make the fishery managers unable to control the scheduling and have difficulty when feeding, because fish feed should be in accordance with the dose and the number of fish. In addition, scheduling should be appropriate for the fish to grow large quickly.

Green Technology for Fish Farmers

Based on the above problems and in because Gresik city East Java Indonesia where he lived quite hot  and fishponds are still very large, the pond is identical with a very hot place by the sun, meginspirasi two students oh Senior High School, or SMAN 1 Gresik, Muhammad Wicaksono and Rafif Nova Riantama to utilize the heat in the pond into something that can be used for farmers ponds in the form of solar electricity used to drive the fish feed equipment automatically.

Fish feeding tool called TERECY is working automatically, materials used include paralon pipes, gallons of drinking water, solar panels and microcontrollers. To apply this tool farmers live to fill the fish feed into the gallon in the top hole. The tool will float on and the solar panels will convert sunlight into electricity by storing it first in the battery after batera is filled, the device is set to move to the pond by using the remote control, the locking system is then on the run so the feed can be out on time, will sound as a sign that the feed has run out


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