Bamboo Leaf as Soundproof Walls Material

Bamboo Leaf as Soundproof Walls Material
In modern times like today, development and technological development progress rapidly. This matter causing the noise of a room to also increase. This noise results in the effectiveness of the use of space in buildings as well decrease. Therefore, a system for sound isolation or absorption is needed by using impermeable material sound. Today many shops sell soundproofing materials. This soundproof material have a variety of types. However, the price of the material is not cheap. To overcome the problem of expensive sound-dampening material, the researcher will try using the material around us that seems less useful that can used as a mixture of sound absorbing materials.
Bamboo Leaf as Soundproof Walls Material
Dry Bamboo leaves
The purpose of this study was to utilize bamboo leaf fibers which had been used as waste and waste in vain. The utilization that will be carried out is for composite materials for the manufacture of sound absorbent walls
This research was conducted through an experimental method. Bamboo leaves are processed into fiber by milling, and then printed as a soundproof wall, composite material mixed with gypsum as an adhesive. The treatment in the form of a comparison between gypsum and bamboo leaf fibers is 1: 0, 1: 1, 1: 2, and 1: 3. Followed by the testing process in the form of wall characteristics, compressive strength and sound absorption level using a sound level meter
Bamboo Leaf as Soundproof Walls Material
One form of soundproof wall (
The results obtained from this study are bamboo leaf fibers can be used as an alternative sound absorbent wall composite material with good characteristics. The best compressive strength obtained is 26.67 for a ratio of 1: 1 and has good acoustic properties, with a sound absorption power of 0.86 for 1: 3 treatment at a frequency of 700 Hz
Bamboo Leaf as Soundproof Walls Material
Keywords: Bamboo Leaves, Composite Materials, Soundproof boards
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