Banana Hump Candy (Musa paradisiaca) As High Nutrition Foodstuff Product

All types of plants have different functions. This too including the fruitful plants that are often found in East Java, especially Pasuruan city. One of the most frequent fruiting plants is the tree banana. Banana trees have a part of the torso that can be utilized. However, some people use more fruit and leaves. Bananas are used for consumption of food and banana leaves used as food wrappers. Some people are not many who know the benefits of roots and banana humps. Banana hump usually used for organic fertilizer.
banana hump
The Banana Stump (Musa paradisicia sp.) Is the base of the stem round shape is located below the soil surface and has several eye (pink eye) as the embryo of saplings. In addition, the banana hump is where the root attached. Banana hump is rarely used by the community so that the banana hump becomes organic waste. However, banana humps can processed into food products worth consuming. According to Suprapti (2005), banana hump has been made as as a snack, like banana chips, bananas jam and various other preparations.
Banana Hump Candy (Musa paradisiaca) As High Nutrition Foodstuff Product
Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia (2012) stated that the banana hump have the much-needed content of humans. Constipation contained in the banana stump is very much like, carbohydrates, protein, iron, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin Z, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium and zinc. In addition, research results Maudi, et al. (2008), states that this banana hump has a high fiber content.
Based on the formulation of the problem, then the goal in scientific papers this is as follows:
1. Knowing how hump banana corks as candy.
2. Knowing the advantages of hump candied banana processing
Tool and Material For Processing technique of candied banana hump
The equipment used in making candied banana cassava is pots, knives and basins. Materials used in the manufacture of sweets banana hump is banana hump, sugar, water, lime and pandan leaves.
The first step in making candied banana casserole is clean the banana hump until clean first and the banana hump cut. Then, prepare a water bath of whiting to soak banana stumps and banana stumps soaked for 2 days. After that, soaked betel lime water and banana bonggol cleaned until clean so as not to smell the whiting of whiting. Then, sugar is put into the water and boiled until the sugar water is boiling. Cut the banana hump
put into a pot containing sugar water. Next, the banana hump which is in the sugar water given pandan leaves and waited until seeped. After that, candied banana cobs are moved from the pan to the plate. Furthermore,
candied banana corks ready to serve.
Research result
All parts of banana plants can be utilized by the community in fulfilling daily life. Parts of the plant are often consumed society is the fruit. However, other parts of the banana plant such as hump rarely used so that parts are disposed of into waste. Data collection on the utilization of banana hump in Pasuruan City area conducted by interview with 3 resource persons consisting from teachers, student guardians and residents of Gadingrejo Subdistrict.
Banana hump candy
Based on the results interviews with resource persons indicate that part of banana hump rarely used by the people of Gadingrejo Sub-district. Banana hump usually discarded after the residents take part of stems, leaves and fruit. This causes the banana cob into organic waste. However, in part people who work as farmers take advantage of the banana hump into organic fertilizer for the farmers’ fields.
Banana hump can be used as processed food. Mulyanto (2015) said that the banana cobs can be utilized to be chips low cholesterol. Utilization of banana cobs into chips is very popular in Trucuk Sub-district, Bojonegoro District. Therefore, utilization banana hump become sweets is a new innovation to improve the economic value of the banana hump.
The technique of making candied banana cassava using natural ingredients no side effects to health. The first step in making candied banana cassava is cleaning banana bonggol until clean first and banana corkscrew cut. Next, chunks banana stumps are soaked in lime water for 2 days. This matter aims to provide texture and condense banana hump. Wulandari et al. (2009) said that the banana bonggol contains high fiber. After that, the banana hump is cleaned with running water for the purpose remove the sap and the scent of lime water on the hump banana. Then, pieces of banana hump is inserted into boiling sugar water. It is intended that the sugar is easily absorbed into the pieces of the hump the banana. In addition, the sugar water bath is given pandan leaves for give a sweet aroma to candied banana cassava. After that, sweets banana cobs are ready to serve.
Candied banana hump products have a sweet taste, crunchy and fragrant aroma. The product is given to 10 respondents at random consisting of student, teachers and santri guardians. These respondents represented all residents who are in the boarding school princess located in the District Gadingrejo, Pasuruan City. Based on the results of respondents to the product showed that all respondents liked candied banana cassava products. This indicates that candied banana coriander is in great demand by respondents.
Banana stump has many nutrients such as protein, iron, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin D, vitamin Z, phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, zinc (Munadjim, 1983). The greatest nutritional content of banana cobs is starch that is sourced as carbohydrate. According to Sukasa et al (1996), banana hump has 45.4% starch content and 4.35% protein content. By therefore, the banana banana is very suitable to be processed into food products which is in demand by the people of Indonesia
Candied banana hump products are made has several advantages which has a fragrant aroma, crisp and sweet taste. Materials used in the manufacture of candied banana cauliflower using natural ingredients so
not cause side effects with health for consumers. Candied banana hump have a lot of nutrients, especially carbohydrates and protein. Candied banana cone also has a high fiber content so easy to digest. In addition, the technique of making candied banana cassava easy to do by using natural ingredients that are easy to find at surrounding environment.
Banana Hump as
The candied products made are in great demand by consumers. This matter seen from the results of interviews with 10 respondents randomly stated that all respondents liked candied banana hump products. Other than that, the appearance of candied banana hump looks interesting so that the respondents have a desire to comsumption. Therefore, sweets products this banana hump can increase the economic value of the banana hump so as to motivate people to take advantage of the banana hump.
Siti Aisyah
S-PEAM Junior High School
Pasuruan East Java

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