Banana Leaf Steam Waste As Air Sterilization

Science is always evolving and progressing very rapidly, in accordance with the times and the development of human thinking. The Indonesian nation as one of the developing countries will not be able to advance as long as it has not improved the quality of our nation’s human resources. The quality of life of the nation can increase if supported by an established educational system. With an established education system, enabling us to think critically, creatively, and productively.

As well as an appropriate technology, which enables human resources in Indonesia to increase, because our thinking patterns grow by relying on ideas, creativity, and expertise in the field. Use of appropriate technology is expected to make people overcome the problems they are facing. Especially environmental problems. The environment is a place of residence for humans that have an important effect on health for humans themselves. Therefore, we as researchers initiated a simple innovation related to how the use of appropriate technology in overcoming the problem of air pollution.

Today many big cities in Indonesia even in the world hit by global problems ie environmental problems. The problem is characterized by the worsening of air quality. Air quality is often exposed by air pollution is an integral part of the life of major cities around the world, including in Indonesia. Existing information indicates that the WHO (World Health Organization) air quality guidelines have been regularly distributed in different cities, and in some places are widespread. Air pollution can be sourced from various kinds, among others:
motor vehicle fumes, factory smoke, industrial waste, household waste and others.


Generally, developing countries do not have pollution control measures so many people in developing countries can only predict without making definite measurements. There are several cities in Indonesia that do have air size threshold equipment in clean and dirty category like Surabaya. But the tool seems to be less effective.

Air pollution in Indonesia is increasing due to the development of the industrial world. Air pollution in Indonesia is very worrying. Pollution of motor vehicle fumes becomes the main source of air pollution in Indonesia. The number of motor vehicles that are not balanced with the number of trees in Indonesia became one of the obstacles to the exchange of air in Indonesia. Consumptive nature of Indonesian society makes the number of motor vehicles in Indonesia to be many and certainly make it very influential on the high air pollution in Indonesia.
Like the case of illegal logging which is the supporting factor of air pollution in Indonesia. Increasing cases of illegal logging plus green land in urban areas are lacking. We can observe in the area around us. How to use green land that is useful as a process of air sterilization. In recent years, there have been many cases of forest fires in Kalimantan. The effects of air pollution can also be felt at this time, the number of airborne diseases such as examples of increasing the number of people with respiratory infection and premature aging due to air pollution.
Based on the formulation of the problem we want to know the utilization Stem of banana leaf as air sterilization.
1. Chainsaws and hammers
2. Wooden beams
3. Pipe ½ dim
4. T and L pipelines
5. Funnel
6. Glue pipe and masking tape
7. Nails and scissors
8. Accu and cable
9. Autojack, DTMF switch, and crocodile clip
10. 12 Volt DC Fan
11. Fragrance and zeolite
12. Banana Leaf
13. Acetic acid (C2H402) and caustic soda (NaOH)
Procedure and Result
Bananas are native to Southeast Asia. The plant of the Musaceae tribe has the Latin name Musa paradisiaca. Banana plant is a large wet trunked plant, usually has a pseudo-stem composed of leaf-stem. Leaf stalk is clearly grooved on the upper side, wide leaf strand, jorong (oval lengthwise), with real bone mother and bones of pinnate and small branches. Flowers have a flower tent that has a crown or obviously have a petal and a crown that is usually attached. Staminoidal 5 staminoidal 5 stamens. Will fruit drown, bear 3 with 1 will seed in each room. The stalk split 3-6. The fruit-the fruit of buni or kendaga fruit.
The series of paralon in this study is made to resemble the S shape because to facilitate the process of air filtration through chemicals that have been prepared so that we arrange the S-shaped circuit that is similar to the concept of disposal. Preparation of paralon sequences begins with parallel cuts of ½ dim size to specified lengths, paralonic resemblance resembles the letter S by using a T lane pipe, adhesive with pipe glue, pairs of plastic funnel at the end of paralon.
The use of caustic soda (NaOH) is of great concern for dosage use. Many small doses of dosage will affect the outcome in the reaction. If in the burning of too much soda will cause a brown color on the banana stem to be used as a filtering membrane while the successful measure of experimental research
we are a yellow membrane (not too much contain baking soda).
The air we use as our research testers is a piece of burned paper that automatically contains air of smoke and pollutants. The smoke will enter through the first DC fan door (input) through the cellulose membrane that will filter the pollutant, then the filtered smoke will pass through a pipe connected to a water-mixed zeolite tube, the pollutant residues that escape from the filtration of the cellulose membrane will deposited on the zeolite tube. Furthermore, air will pass through the fragrance tube that functions so that the air coming out of the second DC fan (output) smells fresh and sterile (does not contain pollutants)
Gedangan Junior High School
East Java

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