Banana Peel Edible Coating

Coating is a thin layer made to coat the food. This material is used above or among products by the way wrap, immerse, brush or spray, to give prisoners which are selective against gas and steam transmission, and provide protection against mechanical damage (Baldwin et al, 2012). Edible coating is a method of giving a thin coating on surface of the fruit to inhibit the release of gas, water vapor and avoid contact with oxygen, so that the process of cooking and browning fruit can be slowed. The added layer on the surface of this fruit is not dangerous when taken with fruit (Gennadious and Weller, 1990 in alJuhaimi et al, 2012).

Utilization edible coating is one method for extend shelf life of agricultural products, reduce the decline quality and yield loss. Edible coating too gives that effect almost the same as storage modified atmospher. Edible coating on fruits and vegetables prospect to be able to improving display quality and shelf life of fruits or vegetables ( Baldwin et al., 2012).

During this edible coating comes from raw materials tubers. This raises constraints because the tubers are an alternative food source for the community. To overcome this, Yudhita Dwirosa Dharmas From SMA Brawijaya Smart School Malang East Java to innovate the making of edible coating of banana peel waste, this discovery is expected to provide economic value to the banana skin that has been less than optimal utilization. The application of edible coating on the fruit can provide a relatively low shrinkage value because edible coating has the ability to prevent the loss of water molecules in the fruit. In addition, edible coating also serves as a barrier to water and oxygen molecules and is capable of controlling the rate of respiration of fruits (Alsuhendra et al, 2011). The hope, with the innovation of edible coating from banana peel waste can improve the quality of local fruit to be more competitive.

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