Bidirectional Turbine System (Two-way Turbine System)

All human life in the world can not be separated by utilizing energy. Starting from fossil energy both the use of petroleum and coal as well as renewable energy such as water energy, solar energy and wind energy. But our beloved country, Indonesia is only able to utilize fossil energy. Over time, the energy will be exhausted and the impact of our country will be affected by the energy crisis.

By taking advantage of renewable energy, we can prevent energy crises. In fact in Indonesia the use of renewable energy can not be maximized. Seen from the use of fuel (fuel oil) that dominate than using renewable energy such as solar energy and plant energy.

As for examples of some renewable energy such as wind energy, steam energy, earth energy, and ocean wave energy. But of all these renewable energies, the energy of ocean waves is rarely exposed by the media. Though sea wave energy capable of producing electricity up to 500 kWh.

Based on above reason, the two students are Tegar Satria Nurhuda and Rizka Alviani Fitria they are from SMAN 10 Sampoerna Academy Malang East Java, creating works of form is BIDIRECTIONAL TURBINE SYSTEM (TURBIN SYSTEM TWO DIRECTION)

The purpose of their research is to effectively energize the ocean waves to be maximized into a source of energy that is beneficial to human life, so far the energy from sea waves has not been maximally used in Indonesia, one of them because the turbine system for wave producers is still using one way so that the energy produced is still not maximized, they design a tool or a two-way turbine system that can maximize waves from the sea.

From their analysis that the tools they make are capable of delivering 188.57 percent more effective results than the conventional systems currently in use and capable of producing more environmentally friendly technologies, in addition to the technology they create available in nature and simpler than the property PLN’s existing power plant


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  1. why thinking mini if is posible big bigger or the biggest Project of renewable energy that ever have been done you needs only imagination but if there isn´t Nevermind there are such Project to change our civilisation going on and if you ask who? has they I have references from it I have a design that this in a new reality turning can so all what we needs is to share this between all these countries that wants from obsolete politic come out and unite our forces and win because we are invincible and competitors are on lost positions fighting so tell to your voluteers they have to ask for information at Oficina Española de Patentes y Marcas in Madrid for an invention under my name with the title: Instalación Sumergida de transformación Hidroeléctrica as Patent Introduction with this view it is posible to imagine power amounts of 24-30,000MWh utilities