The Brazilien Solution From Sappanwood (Caesalpinia Sappan L) To Detect Methane L. Yellow In Food

The number of unsafe crackers consumed in the community because it contains a dangerous food coloring makes Anis Safina dkk.dari from Alhikmah Junior High School Surabaya make a detection solution of food coloring in the crackers, especially the yellow colored from sappanwood, the trees that we often encounter in the fields- fields that are usually used as a fence, this wood is selected because in the tree wood contains a compound called brazilein is a compound flavonoid group. To make this brazilein solution from wood fast enough is easy, that is to stay soaked into the water, then this solution will get red colored, then this solution is ready to use from the results of this work they got the first winner in East Java scientific writing contest held in SMA hidayatus salam Lowayu Dukun Gresik

To test this solution effectively or not to detect paper dyes or methanyl yellows, they tested it first with foods fed standard methane yellow dye, food with food coloring and starch, from the results of this test they found that the brazilien solution initially colored red would change become yellow when dropped into foods containing methanyl yellow, whereas if dripped into food containing food coloring allowed permission of this wood does not change color or keep red colored, whereas if dropped into food containing only starch this solution turns pink .

To test directly foods or crackers containing methanyl yellow they then tested by testing 3 types of crackers obtained from different small industries, from the results of this test they found that the crackers they picked from one of the industries contain methanyl yellow because it turns yellow when spilled with this solution at a dose of 0.5 grams of this saturated wood solution.


From the results of their analysis it shows that the fast wood that can be used by drugs can also be used as a detection of methane yellow in foods, this is because the wood contains brazilien compounds that do not change in acidic compounds and turn red when in alkaline solution, while in yellow methanil solution is an acidic compound having a pH of about 1.5-2.7, so because of the nature of the methanyl yellow, its existence in the diet can be detected by the solution of the wood.


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