Test Kit Agglutination Concept Indirect from Liquid Flower Crown Cambodia White Extract (Plumeria alba) to Pregnancy

Marriage is a matter of bonding marriage that is done in accordance with the provisions of law and religious teachings. In a marriage relationship, the child is the thing most couples look forward to. Pregnancy is a process experienced by almost all women. If the egg met with sperm it will occur fertilization that can cause pregnancy. Therefore, many couples want to confirm the situation. This makes the pregnancy test an important one.
Detection of pregnancy, women usually use several ways such as physical examination, test packs, laboratory urine tests, blood tests, and ultrasound (ultrasound) tests. A home pregnancy detection device is a test pack. This tool works to detect HCG levels in urine. The success rate is quite high, but some mothers complain about the wrong diagnosis of this test. Sometimes pregnancy test results using an inaccurate test pack for various causes. One of them because the tool was damaged and not worth wearing. This damage is generally caused by unsuitable test packet storage temperatures.
Indonesia is a country that has a diversity of flora and fauna. Ornamental plants is a type of flora that most commonly found in Indonesia. White kamboja Flower is one of the groups of ornamental plants that are popular in the order of human life because of the attractive shapes and colors. Therefore, White kamboja flowers have a high potential as an economic source for the community. The diversity of colors, shapes, beautiful appearance, charm and potential that has been able to attract many people to like and use it. White frangipani flower is widely cultivated in various centers of ornamental plant production spread throughout Indonesia. So far white frangipani flowers are only used as ornamental plants in homes, even found in many cemeteries, and still very rare for other purposes.
White Cambodia Flower ((Plumeria alba)
Based on the above problems, we take the initiative to make the latest innovation to solve it by utilizing frangipani flower which has potential anti-HCG content as early detection of early pregnancy which is fast, precise, accurate, economical, and environmentally friendly.
1. Knowing the potential of white frangipani flower (Plumeria alba) as a detection of pregnancy in humans.
2. Knowing how to make a test solution of white frangipani flower (Plumeria alba) as a detection of pregnancy in humans?
3. Knowing how of white frangipani flower (Plumeria alba) solution works in detecting pregnancy in humans?
Tools and materials
This research uses the following tools:
1. Glass of 100 ml
2. Pipette drops
3. The reaction tube
4. Bunsen burner
5. Spirtus
6. Legs three
7. Filter paper
8. Plate drops
9. Esbes webs
Materials used as follows:
1. White frangipani flower (Plumeria alba)
2. Ethanol solution 70%
3. Pregnant women urine
4. Women is not pregnant urine
Research procedure
The experimental process was carried out covering the procedure of making white frangium liquid extract (Plumeria alba) and application procedure to urine sample. The details of the manufacturing steps as follows.
White Cambodia Liquid Flower Extraction Procedure (Plumeria alba)
1. Insert a 50% ethanol solution of 50 ml into a beaker.
2. Heating 70% ethanol solution with bunsen burner already filled with spirtus to boiling.
3. Put the crown of white frangipani flowers into it.
4. Lifting white frangipani flower solution after thickening.
5. Filter the white frangipani flower solution by using filter paper to separate between filtrate and residue.
6. Take filtrate of white frangipani flower extract as a test solution of test kit
7. Adding a little synthesis coloration to thetest kits solution because the original solution is colorless
Application Procedure to the Urine Sample
1. Pour the urine of pregnant women and non-pregnant mothers into each of the beaker and labeled.
2. Take the urine with a pipette from the beaker to the test tube.
3. Take the white liquid flower extract liquid filtrate using a pipette.
4. Squirt the solution of the test of into the liquid of each urine sample.
5. Observe the changes that occur in the urine after being dropped by the test solution
Result And Discussion
When living things are growing up, every individual will find a life partner to preserve his offspring. Just like humans, they will get married at the time they specify and want to have a child. For a woman, getting pregnant is the most awaited moment after marriage. Therefore, they are always ready to know early pregnancy. Knowing early pregnancy can feel the early signs of pregnancy. According to Muhtasor (2013), during the pregnancy period there will be changes in physical condition and physiological signs ranging from nausea and vomiting, headache to general complaints such as heartburn in the stomach especially. All of these symptoms can be ascertained that she is pregnant or there is a dangerous disease in her body. By knowing the pregnancy, immediately go to the doctor or midwife to observe the fetus in the stomach. 
One way that can be done alone to find out early pregnancy is with pregnancy test pack. In general, the most sensitive and accurate test pack price is Rp 49,000 per one test and the cheapest test pack price is only Rp 11,000. Although there are cheap, test packs can only be disposable and immediately discarded. Waste from the test pack can damage the environment because it comes from synthetic materials. Therefore, we create the latest test pack innovations that are useful for knowing early pregnancy accurately and using natural ingredients. This innovation is called Plumeria alba Pregnancy Test.
Plumeria alba Pregnancy Test is a natural test of the white antioxidant crown (Plumeria alba) anti-HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin) as a rapid detection of pregnancy. This Teskit uses a liquid filtrate solution of white frangipani crown (Plumeria alba) which can be directly dripped on the urine. The results can be observed about a few seconds after dropping. If positive pregnant, then test solution of Plumeria alba. will immediately spread across the surface. Whereas if the pregnancy is negative, the test solution of PLUMBCY-TEST clumps at the bottom of the container. This is derived from experiments that have been done with urine samples of several women, both pregnant women and non-pregnant women.
In this experiment we used three urine samples labeled UH + A, UH + B, and UH-Y. Each sample is taken in the morning with container of mineral water bottle. The UH + A sample was taken from the urine of a woman who was pregnant about three months (gestational age about 90 days). The UH + B sample was taken from the urine of a woman who was pregnant about five months (gestational age about 150 days). The UH-Y sample is taken from the urine of a non-pregnant woman (normal woman).
Test Results of Test Kit on Drip Plate

In the first experiment, the urine sample was dropped on the drop plate. Then the test solution of Test kits is also dropped. Physical changes were observed as shown in figure 4 above. The change in the UH + A sample is the test-kits solution directly spreading across the surface. Changes in UH + B samples are similar to those that occur in UH + A samples. The physical changes that occur in UH-Y samples are different from other sample changes. When the test-kits solution is dropped on a sample labeled UH-Y, there is clumping at the bottom of the drip plate.

Testing Results 1 drop of Test Kit Solution

The second experiment is done by placing the three samples into the test tube. This experiment was conducted to determine the visible physical changes from top to bottom of the test tube. The three urine samples were taken with a pipette and dripped into a test tube with the amount of liquid lumped. Each sample was dropped by one drop of test-kits solution. Then observed changes in physical reactions that occur therein. The change that occurs is the test-kits solution on the UH + A sample is not mixed and spread on the surface looks like water and oil separated. In the UH + B sample the same as the previous sample, the test solution of test-kits was not mixed and spread all over the surface. In the UH-Y sample the changes were very different from the previous two samples, ie thetest-kits test solution dropped directly down and and had clumped at the bottom of the test tube.

Test Result of 3 drops of test kit solution

The last experiment uses the same place as the second experiment. The only difference is that it gives three drops of urinary test  kitssolution. The observed result is the same as with the previous experiment. So, this experiment is only for retesting as well as proof for comparison on the first try. Of the three trials that have been done above, it is evident that red roses have a potential anti-HCG hormone content. The anti-HCG hormone seeks to remove the hormone HCG contained by the female urine pregnant and incompatible, so the test-kits solution stays on top and spreads quickly. Whereas, in normal female urine that does not contain HCG, the test solution of test-kits will instantly clump and fall to the bottom of the sample container.

The concept of work on the test-kits belongs to the type of indirect agglutination, this concept works by the presence of HCG in urine with an anti-HCG antibody (monoclonal) bonded to the reaction particles indicated by agglutination of the urine. This concept has an interpretation of the result that if positive pregnant, then agglutination does not occur. Whereas if the negative pregnant, then there will be agglutination.

The work concept of the test-kits almost resembles the Latex Agglutination Inhibition (LAI) and Hemaglutination Inhibition (HAI). When compared to the timing speed of detecting the clumping, test-kits takes only five seconds and then the results are clearly visible compared to LAI takes two minutes and HAI takes 1 – 2 hours.

Lailatul Qiroati and Lucky A.P.

Bungah Junior High School Gresik

East Java


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