Crystallization of struvite crystals From Cow and Human Urine As Solids Organic Fertilizer

Fertilizer is a very important production factor for the agricultural sector. Fertilizer contributed 20 percent to the successful increase of agricultural production, especially rice between 1965-1980 and Indonesia’s achievement of self-sufficiency in rice in 1984. Fertilizer also contributed 15-30 percent for the cost of paddy farming. Thus it is very important to ensure price stability and smooth distribution of fertilizer.

Fertilizer deficiency can lead to abnormal plant growth resulting in lower farmer harvest or even crop failure. This harvest failure is the next threat to create food security. If the situation of shortage of fertilizer is allowed to last a long time and not immediately taken appropriate action by related institutions, will lead to a sense of unfair to the farmers, reduce the welfare of farmers, disrupt food security and sustainability of national agricultural production, and can suppress national economic growth. but the problem of fertilizers in Indonesia increasingly complex and more days and days of urea fertilizers, especially the subsidized hard to meet

Against the increasingly costly fertilizer  and want to help farmers make use of the existing nature so that their plants can still produce a large harvest then the two students are Alifah Hapsari and Dhiyaulhaq Aqilatul Fadhilah Hakim, they are students from Semesta Bilingual School Semarang city Central Java Indonesia one of the schools PASIAD in the city of Semarang make solid fertilizer from human urine, with this research they expect to reduce the dependence of farmers to subsidized fertilizer is increasingly rare in the market, from their calculations of fertilizers that they create quite economical and the results are not inferior to urea fertilizer works this makes them one of the 2014 ISPO finalists at TMII Jakarta

With the guidance from Mr. Ir.S.Muryanto, M.Eng, PhD and Ms. Ratna Dwi Setyorini, ST, Pd. they managed to find a solid fertilizer from urine of humans and animals, although they have not managed to get a medal but they became one of favorite booth visitors at the 2014 ISPO this event, this is because what they found was very interesting and helpful, as well as in providing an explanation to the end they are very enthusiastic and excited

Their study explains that the urine of humans and animals has not used well, so they want to make cow urine and human urine as struvite crystals, it is organic fertilizer with molecular formula MgNH4PO4.6H2O. These crystals are soluble in water slowly and contains three elements needed by plants, that is Magnesium, Nitrogen and Phosphorus. In this study, cow and human urine mixed with MgCl2 and NaOH is added to adjust the pH and use mixer tools that have been specifically designed. This tool can generate a standards-compliant of struvite crystals, so that the crystal can be used as a solid fertilizer plants

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