Design To Build A Tool Of Change Of Saltwater To Be Fresh Water As A Solution To Fulfill The Need Of Drinking Water Of Coastal Communities

These two students are Rizka Amelia, Leonardo Sutomo they are students from Wijaya Putra Junior High School Surabaya which is one of the finalists as well as the work received quite a lot of appreciation from the visitors as well as from other guests in the scientific writing competition junior high school level in East Java Hidayatus Salam Dukun Gresik

The background that makes them make this tool is the frequent view of coastal residents who still have water shortage. For people living in coastal areas, the presence of fresh water is a very important source of water. Often heard when the dry season starts to come, the people who live in coastal areas or small islands begin to lack water. Rainwater which is a source of water that has been prepared in the rainwater storage basin often can not meet the needs in the dry season. As we know, the current problem of clean water crisis is very often heard, even in almost every region.

On the other hand the existing salt water source on earth is so abundant, and many residential areas that actually developed on the coast. While this tool to convert brine or brackish water into fresh water using relatively expensive equipment one of them is developing a semi permeable membrane technology system. So that simple and affordable method is needed by lower class society to design the building of salt water converter into fresh water with distillation system based on simple condensation process by utilizing natural tools and potential.

In this study used a bottle of mineral water size 1500 ml which serves as a condensation. Bottle aqua is cooled in the form of cotton that has been moistened and affixed to the bottle in order to quickly condense and then tied with a wire and aluminum foil so that the cotton is not easily removed and no heat from the outside that can enter into the bottle. The mouth of the condensation bottle is connected to a hose inserted into a sea water heater made of aluminum. It aims to drain salt water vapor into fresh water. And also use erlenmeyer tube that serves as a shelter for the end result of distillation of sea water into fresh water. In this study the fresh water levels produced by researchers are only tested with taste senses or tongue.

Essentially, the principle of sea water purification is to separate salt from seawater to obtain fresh water, to separate salt from sea water is to imitate the natural way, that is by evaporating seawater and then condensing the vapor back. When seawater is heated, only water evaporates, dissolved salts remain in solution (seawater). This flute can be used as a drinking water provider in a coastal village away from fresh water sources. Fuel such as wood, charcoal, kerosene can be used as heating power in this tool.

However, this process requires considerable fuel. So the solution can use fuel from wood and organic waste that is burned using a biomass stove. Making a biomass stove from a used tin can be assembled by controlling the level of oxygen consumption of the combustion process that takes place by making a certain hole pattern on the filter and the air outlet exit door on the stove wall. When the combustion process takes place there is a balanced air distribution into the slope, with this principle called the process of gasification, it is expected that the combustion process can be optimally marked with the maximum heat can be generated and the smoke can be minimized

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