Detector Box for CO and CO2

D-Box CC is a tool based on Arduino Uno R3 microcontroller that serves to detect CO2 and CO2 gas using MQ7 and MQ135 sensors.This tool is created by Aan Aria Nanda dan feriawan Tan dari SMAN 1 Tarakan Kalimantan Indonesia

In this tool, the readings on the sensor are done analogously. The D-Box CC tool is also equipped with several additional components such as 16×2 Character LCD which function to display CO and CO2 gas concentration, DC fan that compress air function to enter gas sensor MQ7 and MQ135, Indicator in LED shape with three different colors according to the level of air pollution caused by CO and CO2 gases. This indicator system uses data from the sensor as a reference to determine the level of air pollution. In addition to LEDs, researchers also use buzzers as alarms when air quality is in a dangerous state. In this D-Box CC tool, researchers use Arduino Uno R3 which is a microcontroller board based on Microchip ATmega328. Mikrochip serves as the brain in processing all instructions both input and output as well as processing the input data from the sensor array which then produces the output in the form of data that has been calibrated to obtain valid data.

The use of Arduino Uno R3 serves as the main controller. Arduino Uno on D-Box CC tool also serves to process data in terms of receiving data from MQ7 and M135 sensors in analog and then will be displayed on the LCD. Both of these sensors work by changing the resistance of the sensor in accordance with the concentration of CO2 and CO2 in the air.

D-Box CC is also equipped with an application interface that serves as a data processor based Visual Studio 2012. Application interface is made to function as a data processor from the sensor to be displayed in graphical form. In accordance with the name of the D-Box CC is Detector Box for CO and CO2, this tool has several functions in accordance with the user’s features are as follows:

1. Gas and CO2 concentration detection system both in closed room and in open space.

2. Air quality indication system based on sensor readings and D-Box CC program.

3. Warning system (alarm) when CO and CO2 gas concentration in level of concentration of dangerous air content.

Overall, the D-Box CC has far more advantages than other detection devices. D-Box CC tool is also needed by the community today because in addition to its portable form this tool is also equipped with LCD as data viewer, LED as indicator, buzzer as warning system, and fan as air compressor to get to sensor. This tool requires only 7V-12V electric current that can come from USB, Adapter, and battery. Based on the advantages mentioned above, of course the D-Box CC style is more efficient when compared with other measuring instruments that can only display the measurement results and can only use one type of power source, while the D-Box CC has been equipped with data viewer system, indicators and warning / alarm systems, as well as power sources that can come from USB, adapters, and batteries.


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