Determining Sugar Levels In Drinks Experiment

Determine the levels of beverages that have the highest glucose concentration levels after adding enzymes, invertase the following drinks Cola, Red Bull, Gatorade,  Green Tea, and orange juice?

Determining Sugar Levels In Drinks Experiment

Cola will have the highest glucose concentration level because it has the maximum sugar from the rest of the drink so that after the invertase destroys the sucrose and converts it into glucose, it will have the maximum sugar yield from the rest of the drink due to the high sucrose level present in it.

Controls: Number of drinks I’m testing on, Number of invertase added to each drink, Amount of time given for invertase to break up sucrose
Bound: The amount of glucose in the beverage after adding invertase
Free: Different types of beverages.

Scope of Issue
In this trial will test the level of glucose concentration (amount of glucose) in 5 types of beverages. testing glucose levels before and after adding invertase to see how much glucose is present in the drink. 5 Drinks to be tested on are Cola, Red Bull, Gatorade,  orange juice and Green Tea. These drinks are selected because they are some of these drinks are not good when in frequent consumption. After testing the invertase activity in the beverage, it will be related to how during the digestion process; sucrose is broken down into glucose using enzymes. It will also make a connection how for diabetics, it is not only important to know the level of sucrose, but also the level of glucose.

Tools and materials:
• glucose test strips
• 1 can of Cola
• 1 can of Red Bull
• 1 can of Green Tea
• 1 can of orange juice
• 1 bottle of Gatorade
• invertase (a type of enzyme)
• 25-30 disposable glasses
• Spoon (s)
• Water (to melt the food)
• Stop Watch
• Table sugar (sucrose)
• Bottle cap
• Medicine Dropper
• Observation recorder

1. Label 5 cups of the drink
2. Take 15ml each beverage and put on the right glass. (Make sure all drinks at room temperature do not affect the results)
3. Use glucose test strips to measure the level of glucose concentration in each sample of 5 foods before adding invertase
4. To do this, dip the test strip into each sample glass, one at a time
5. See the test strip for 5 seconds before lifting it out
6. Let for 30 seconds we lift and we note the color
7. Record the result based on the color of the test strip
8. Set the timer for 25 minutes using the stopwatch
9. Add 10 drops (0.5 ml) of invertase for each food sample using a drug dropper
10. Then mix the sample as quickly as possible to stir around the invertase and start the timer
11. After 25 minutes, use a glucose test strip to determine the glucose concentration in each sample
12. Record the results and compare before and after (Is the invertase changing the amount of glucose in the drink?)
13. Repeat this step at least twice so the result is more accurate.

Result And Discussion
In this experiment to find the answer to the hypothesis, ie what drinks from Cola, Diet Coke, Red Bull, Gatorade, and orange juice will have the highest glucose concentration levels after enzyme, invertase? This research is made because many people can learn and benefit from this information. in this experiment, five different beverages were taken and using a glucose urine test strip, to test the amount of glucose in this drink before and after adding invertase. Invertase is an enzyme that converts sucrose (normal table sugar) into glucose through a process of hydrolysis, which is the breakdown of sucrose. This experiment is to mimic one of the chemical reactions that occur in the body

Determining Sugar Levels In Drinks Experiment

During the digestion process, every time we consume sugar, especially sucrose, our body, uses the aid of an enzyme known as sucrase (similar to invertase), grouping it and converting it into glucose or fructose, a simple type of sugar. In this test he found that his hypothesis was that coke had the highest amount of glucose after adding the invertase it was true. invertase capable of converting 0.035 g / 15 ml of sucrose into glucose present in the coke. This is because since the cola has the most sucrose to start with, a lot of it turns into glucose when the invertase is added to it. It proves that when you consume cola, your body is the biggest sugar intake since it comes out of all drinks, when invertase has been added to the coke, it has the highest glucose level. Furthermore, with the second highest amount of sucrose converted to glucose is Red Bull, which has 0.016-g / 15 ml glucose. Then come orange juice with 0.0157-g / 15 ml. Finally the second is Gatorade with 0.0055 g / 15 ml and last is Green Tea which 0.0039-g / 15 ml sucrose is converted to glucose. Some sources of error found during this experiment are, having to put invertase into five different drinks, some drinks get a bit more time for invertase to do its work which can lead to a source of error.

Determining Sugar Levels In Drinks Experiment

The same problem occurs when we measure how much sucrose has been converted after that because we have to dip in strips one by one as doing them all at the same time will become uncontrolled so for some drinks the invertase has more time. The suggestion from this experiment is that it may try this experiment together with different types of food such as maple syrup and honey to see what invertase effects have on other sweet substances. From this experiment it can be learned how conversion of sucrose to glucose (using invertase) changes how much glucose is actually digested from different foods. This information can be useful for people to learn which foods are good to eat in moderation not only because of their high glucose, but also because they are high in sucrose. and can determine a safe diet for someone with diabetes to consume because they do not contain much sucrose so later when to digestion, We do not end up consuming a lot of glucose that could prove harmful for diabetics.

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