Eco-Spray from Seeds and Rambutan Skin


Ants are animals that are considered quite harmful by most people. Ants are considered to be harmful because they often eat foods in the kitchen, especially sweet foods (sugar). Ants have more than 12,000 species (species) that mostly live in the tropics. Most of the ants are known as social insects with colonies and regular nests. Ants dominate almost all parts of the earth’s soil. Only a few areas like Iceland, Greenland, and Hawaii are not theirs. Some types of ants are well known to humans for living together with humans, such as black ants, big ants, ant rangrang, fire ants, and red ants.

Rambutan fruit (pict : wikipedia)

Ants are considered harmful because they can cause some problems. Such problems for example some types of ants may bite or sting, its colonizing existence is considered to interfere with human life, scenery or decoration of the room so unpleasant to look at, and others. Some ants that build indoor nests also reduce the comfort in the room itself. In addition, some ants are also known to love to wrap food in the kitchen especially khusunya. This is certainly very detrimental to many people.
Because the animal is considered quite harmful, the ants are finally considered to be disturbing by many people. Therefore, many people start using various methods to repel ants. Some ways used include the use of lime ants, kerosene or even insecticides. Usually, the material tends to overcome the annoying ants because they are deadly to ants. But it would be a problem if such things are affordable to unattended children.

In fact ants are insects that are very interested in foods that smell sweet. Ants prefer a humid place and the nest is usually found in the gap near the source of food either in the form of liquid or solid. Ant likes sweet things and vice versa, ants hate things bitter or sour like baking soda, soap, vinegar, and others.
Because of the tendency to use chemicals to repel ants, it takes a natural substance that can be used to repel ants without killing ants. Based on the description above, researchers want to create a new formula that can be used to repel ants. Researchers are also eager for people to start reducing the use of chemicals to kill ants. Based on that background the three student From Roushon Fikr Junior High School Jombang East Java Indonesia there are Edar Aulia Octova R. Afdhal Iftikhar Haykal, Ahmad Rafii’ Syahputra M., a study entitled “Eco-Spray Made from Seeds and Rambutan Skin as An Environmentally Friendly Ants Rescue Biosinicide”
Research purposes
Based on the formulation of the above problems can be prepared several research objectives, including:
1. Knowing the influence of Spray Spray Beads and Rambutan Skin on ants.
2. Know the effect of Spray Spray of Seed and Rambutan Skin with some concentration to ant.
Step of making Eco Spray Seed and Rambutan Skin, can be seen below:
a. Prepare all tools and materials
b. Collect waste seeds and rambutan skin
c. Wash and clean with running water
d. Destroy rambutan seeds using a hammer
e. Cut rambutan skin into small pieces using a knife
f. Drying both materials (seeds and rambutan skin) for 3 days
g. Boil the seeds and rambutan skin with two different concentrations, namely:
1) Concentration 1: Water 500 ml + rambutan seed 250 grams + rambutan skin 250 grams
2) Concentration 2: Water 500 ml + rambutan seed 250 gram + rambutan skin 500 gram
h. Add each spray concentration to the prepared spray bottle
i. Eco Spray Seeds and Rambutan Skin ready for use
From the above results are known there is a fairly clear difference from the results of Eco Spray Seeds and Rambutan Skin with different concentrations. At concentration 1 in obtaining Eco Spray Seed and Rambutan Skin with lighter color (light brown) than at concentration 2 with darker color (dark brown). While on the aroma comparison, both concentrations did not show any difference. It is shown that both concentrations have no aroma. On the flavor of the flavor is known to bring a sense of Eco Spray Seeds and Rambutan Skin at concentration 2 is much more bitter than in concentration 1.
In the experimental results of Eco Spray Seeds and Rambutan skin also obtained several different results. In both concentrations no ants were found to be sprayed by Eco Spray and Rambutan Seed. While on the observation of the number of ants are known that the Eco Spray Seed and Rambutan Skin 2 concentration is much more effective to repel ants. This is indicated by the ratio of expelled ants with concentrations 1 and 2 in the Living Room is 16:20, Kitchen is 25: 32, Terrace is 12:14.
Based on the data on the results of the above research, it can be seen that Eco Spray Seeds and Rambutan Skin concentration 2 is the most effective concentration to repel ants. It can be concluded that both concentrations can repel ants. Ants can be discharged because the Eco Spray fluid has a bitter taste that ants do not like. While both concentrations are used only as ant repellent spray without causing a killing effect.
The first concentration has a lighter color because it has a mixture of fewer materials in it. Unlike the case with the second concentration that has a darker color. Based on these data it can be concluded that the more the mixed material the darker the resulting color.
Both concentrations do not produce a stinging aroma. Both concentrations are neither thick nor sticky. So, Eco Spray can be said not disturbing after use. Eco Spray fluid also will not feel sticky if touched skin. However, since both concentrations have a distinctive color that is light and dark brown, if Eco Spray is used on a brightly colored surface, Eco Spray fluid can be imprinted on the surface.
Ants that do not return to the area that has been sprayed Eco Spray Seeds and Rambutan Skin more than the returned ants. Of all the ants expelled by Eco Spray Seeds and Rambutan Skin second concentration, 94% of expelled ants do not return. This indicates that the number of returned ants is much less than that of non-returning ants.
Based on data on the results of the research that has been described above, found in both Eco Spray concentrations there are still ants that return to areas that have been sprayed with Eco Spray Seed and Rambutan Leather. This is because the liquid that has been sprayed has begun to dry, so the effects are also somewhat reduced. However, because there are only a few ants back, it can be concluded that the area that has been sprayed Eco Spray still left the bitterness of the seeds and rambutan skin
Based on the results of the research that has been done, Eco Spray Seeds and Rambutan skin work directly on the ants that exist in the area that has been sprayed. The ants are expelled immediately after being sprayed with Eco Spray Seeds and Rambutan skin. Therefore, it can be concluded that Eco Spray Seeds and Rambutan skin can have a direct effect on ants.


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  1. how many mins. should i boil the rambutan skins and seeds? i try to boil them for 3 mins only. and i try to spray it but ants only seem to get weaker but not die. i don’t if it’s working rlly.