Floating Hydro For Secluded Area

 Indonesia country is an archipelago country that still many areas that are still isolated and there is no electricity and electricity reachable by PLN. Whereas electricity or lighting is needed by the area so that the area is not behind in obtaining information that aims to promote the area and can increase the community’s productivity. Therefore, to meet the need for electric lighting for secluded areas, it is necessary to create a tool that can reach a cheap and environmentally friendly remote place, namely Micro Hydro Power Plant.

Floating Hydro For Secluded Area

Everyone needs electricity, no exception except for the tribesmen. Despite the fact that saying so, that does not mean it’s true, it is. In Indonesia many of our people still lack electricity poverty or energy experience, without it, they are not able to do many things, like farming, watching TV, or even just working at night, because they need light to do that. There are many villages in Indonesia, but there is a pattern in it, the pattern is that if there is a river there should be a village around because they need a river for the main source of water. Several of the villages are already advanced, they harness the power of fast flowing rivers to get electricity, and obviously they use a water mill.

However, there are problems with using their water mills sometimes big, big, or even gigantic. They are hard to make and are not portable, most watermills are attached to buildings that have all the gear and things inside to generate electricity, or just move the pump.

Based the problem above Rheza Andrianto from Citra Kasih High School Jakarta,  overcome this problem the need to make a small and portable water mill is very important. The goal is to make this because it can be very helpful for a village or a house that is unable to make a waterwheel; they can only get one of these, put it in a river, and generate electricity.

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