Greating Size Of Fruits Using Newton Gravitation Law

The theory of gravity that Newton invented in the 17th century was also useful for agriculture, with the law published by scientists as well as British philosophers, we can enlarge the size of the fruit without giving any hormones or drugs!. In his book, Newton writes “two separate objects, tend to attract one another, the force of attraction is directly proportional to mass and inversely proportional to the square of the distance”
Greating Size Of Fruits Using Newton Gravitation Law
The farther away the objects, the tugs will also be smaller, Logic for agriculture: the tensile force represents the size and quality of the fruit, the mass represents the diameter of the stem or branch, and the squared distance represents the position of the fruit from the ground surface. Thus, the quality and quantity of a fruit will be better if it gets closer to the surface of the soil, and vice versa, it will be smaller if its position is further away from the ground surface.
Greating Size Of Fruits Using Newton Gravitation Law
This theory has been practiced by planters in Thailand and Taiwan. Durian planters in the land of Siam cut the main stems of durian to keep the tree figure short. Call it in Supatra Land. The 10 year old durian tree there is only 3-5 m tall. The ultimate goal for easy maintenance of trees and fruits. Harvest was easy. The technique turns out to be a double benefit because the fruit size and fruit quality are better.

Greating Size Of Fruits Using Newton Gravitation Law
In Taiwan Newton’s theory was used on water guava and starfruit since the mid 90’s. There the commercial water production guava is only 3-4 m tall. Compare with guava water in the homeland that grows up with irregular fruit location. There the fruit is maintained only near the stem or on a strong branch.
It is way to treat the plant using Newton Principle
1. Take care of your plants as usual
2. Cut the plant if it is more than 3 meters, keep the tree height less than that.
3. Give growth hormone (can be purchased at the grocery store), and give it as dose. This is not to enhance the rod, but to enlarge its diameter. So that the rods get stronger
4. Coiling is done near the surface of the soil, or can also beneath the soil surface by digging the soil around the stem. Sufficient width is 0.5-1 cm. At the time the wound gradually heal immediately accumulate the wound with the soil that has been mixed with fertilizer. From the former sprouts grow new roots that become shortcuts of water distribution and nutrients. In this way the flow of water and nutrients is more effective.

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