Hanger Wing Fridge

In the rainy season many people have trouble drying clothes because there is no sun, so much of the laundry in the house can not dry, although maybe among us have a drying machine to dry it, but not everyone has a dryer, because besides the expensive price, is a lot of electric power that is large enough, so that electricity bills increased, in the background of this then Albertus Andito from SMA Asisi Samarinda East Kalimantan to make the work is quite innovative Hanger Wing with the title of the work Hanger Fridge wing. Hanger Wings Refrigerator is a tool used as a clothes dryer, which is placed on the refrigerator. By utilizing the heat that comes out of the refrigerator, clothes that are hung on this hanger will dry faster, especially in the rainy season. Hanger Fridge wing is a practical tool to use and uses only residual energy out of the refrigerator.

By utilizing the thermal energy of this refrigerator we get some advantages such as we do not throw the heat in the refrigerator in vain because it can be used to dry clothes, but by using the heat from the refrigerator, then we no longer need a heating machine that costs quite expensive and cost a lot to pay utility bills. These simple thoughts and tools, although they seem to be things that can but can be beneficial to many people, for example in a city everyone uses this tool will be a lot of electricity in the thrifty and hot wasted can be utilized. It is hoped that from this invention people will use the tool to save electricity and utilize heat in wasted households in vain. This simple work makes Albertus Andito became one of the finalists in the National Young Inventor Award (NYIA) held by the Indonesian Institute of Sciences Year 2016

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