Healthy Water Treatment Teapot

This teapot is not just any ordinary teapot, created by Okti Nurhidayah, a student from SMA Negeri 1 Sampang, Cilacap Regency, Central Java, Indonesia, can change the contaminated water to be consumed, even salty sea water into fresh water that can be drunk.

Teko is a container of drinking water made of clay, this household utensil is rarely used in the wider community. Who would have thought, clay teapots can clear water, which is contaminated though.

Healthy Water Treatment Teapot
For Okti, the clay teapot is no stranger to him. His family is a clay pottery craftsman.  Okti himself created the “magical teapot” started when Okti played to his friend’s house. There he saw there was an aquarium. What makes him curious is, why the water in the aquarium can stay clear. Then Okti finds the reason behind it, zeolite stone keeps the water in the aquarium clean.

From there came the idea to use zeolite as a mixture of making a pitcher. In addition to adding a smoothed zeolite stone, Okti also added bentonite and activated charcoal as a pitcher. These three additives serve to clear water, remove odor and neutralize the taste. In addition, activated charcoal will also serve as a pollutant. And these three additions turn out to kill microbes or bacteria in the water. After experiencing failure several times in making this pitcher, Okti finally managed to create a pitcher in accordance with his wishes. Regarding how much the amount of clay and additives used, Okti did not tell.

According to the water that is not too polluted enough 30 minutes to silence the water in the pitcher, then the water is clear and daat consumed. While the water that has been polluted severe water that reaches PH 3, the color is turbid, smells stinging, and itching when exposed to the skin, will require a cleansing time of about one or two hours more.

The trick is very easy, just input the water into the teapot and let stand. Usually after the pollutant process the pollutants from the clear water will stick to the walls of the teapot. In addition to fresh water, Okti also ever tried to clear the sea water. And the result after 2 days is silenced in the pitcher, the sea water turns to brackish. And the remaining salt crystals at the bottom of the teapot.

Another discovery is, it turns out bacteria in the water also come to die. First he experimented on 100 ml of well water. It turns out that in the well water there are less than 2 koliform or bacteria. And after being silenced in the teapot, the number of bacteria becomes 0 (zero). But Okti is not satisfied with the result.

He then experimented on 100 ml of highly polluted water. In the water there are more than 2400 coliforms. And after being silenced for 1 hour the amount of coliform decreased to 1100. And after being observed for 24 hours the number of kolliforms was not increased or decreased. That means no growth of banteri in it. In conclusion this pitcher can kill 1300-1500 coliforms per hour per 100 ml of water. In the future Okti wishes to market this product in bulk and gave it the name ‘Cibebek Teko’ in accordance with the name of his place of residence.


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