Helper Mirror (Eye Drops Tool)

When we get sore eyes or our eyes itch because of mild irritation, we often drip eye pain medicine into our eyes, but sometimes it’s hard to drip into our own eyes without the help of others. When we drip the eye pain medication is often not right about our eyes, so it can not enter the eye optimally.

Based this problem Two kids schoolgirl Izza Aulia Putri Purwanto student of SD IT Al Islam Kudus and Hanun Dzatirrajwa from SD IT Bina Amal Semarang they are also one finalists from National Young Inventor Award (NYIA) 2015 are held by Indonesian Institute of Sciences  or LIPI  by making works of mirror auxiliary for eye drops. Of the many existing participants, they attracted the attention of many protestors and jurors and television media because of their age which is quite child and cuteness when answering the visitors who asked their booth. They also get favourite winners for their participant

The tool they found though simple but interesting enough, they make a glass helper on the packaging of eye drops, so that when we drip eye medicine is not mistaken and right on our eyes, all this time if people dripping medicine usually facing the mirror tetepi still difficult to do, with their work this, to treat the eyes with drops is not a problem anymore. the principle of this tool is the droplets that will enter the eye will be enlarged using a mirror glass that can be seen alone by the eye that drips eye medicine to the eye, so it can be right about the eyes and not mistaken. Although simple but this tool is very helpful because the tool will be easy for the oarang the elderly whose eyesight is less clear to treat sick eyes using eye drops medicine


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