Insects of Pomegranate Cultivators (Eugina Aqua Burn. F)

The purpose of this study was to identify the type of insect that visited the pomegranate prawns (Eugina qua Burn. F) typical of Demak, explaining the classification of the insect species, explaining and counting the insect species that visited in the morning, afternoon and afternoon, explaining the factors that influence insect visits and function of the insects

Is an observational descriptive study. Visual observations were made five times in different weeks. Observation of the uniformity and number of insects is done from 07.00 WIB to 18.00 WIB which is divided into three periods ie morning (07.00-10.00 am), noon (11.00-14.00) and afternoon (15.00-18.00). Insects are identified and grouped by order, family, genus, and species. Factors that mediate insect visits through measurement of temperature, moisture and morphological observations of flowers

Insects of Pomegranate Cultivators (Eugina Aqua Burn. F)
Apis cerana bee

The conclusions of this study are:

1. Identified types of insects visited pomegranate flavors 11 species, namely: xylocopa sp, Apis cerana, Polyrachis sp, Polites tanebricosa, Sceliphron sp (Order Hymenoptera), Delias Hyparete, Erionata trax, Pelopides conjuta (Order Lepidoptera) Dieuches sp, Leptorixa oratorius (Ordo Hemiptera), and Melanolus Sp (Orthoptera order).

2. Insects that visit the pomegranate flower include 4 orders and 9 families, namely family Apidae, Rhyparochrochrominae, Pieridae, Caelifera, Hesperidae, Formisidae, Vespidae, Sphecidae, and Alydidae

3. Insects pollinators only visit in the morning and afternoon, except Polyrachis sp specs, Erionata trax and Sceliphron sp. Insects Polyrachis sp visited in the morning, afternoon and evening. Erionata trax and Sceliphron sp visited the cashews in the afternoon. Insect pests only visit in the afternoon, except Leptorixa oratorius who visited during the day and evening

4. Flower shape changes affect insect visits. Insect pests visit for all changes in the shape of flowers. Insect pollinators only come when the flowers begin to open until the stamen begins to fall out, except Polyrachis sp. Temperature changes (range 26.9 ° C-33.5 ° C) and moisture changes (range 53% -81%) had no effect on insect visits

5. Based on the fun of insects that visit the pomegranate pomegranate grouped into two, namely pollination and pests

By Diana Maria and Putri Aileen Illona

SMA Negeri 1 Dempet Demak Central Java


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