Make Simple Spectrometer Experiment

Spectrometer is a tool used to measure the spectrum of light, Spectrometer is the basis of other sophisticated equipments such as spectrophotometer, Spectrophotometer is a tool used to measure absorbance by passing light with a certain wavelength on a glass or quartz object called a quvet. Some of the light will be absorbed and the rest will be missed. The absorbance value of the diluted light is proportional to the concentration of the solution in the cuvette.below is a simple way to make a spectrometer with easy materials in the can from around us.

Tools and materials
Cardboard boxes of cereal or other food boxes
Used CDs are still good

1. Cut a 1 inch slit on the side of the cereal box just below the nutrition information or next to the box.

2. Cut the gap on the opposite side of the box and extend 1 inch on either side at an angle of 45 degrees above the horizontal. Use a protractor to measure the exact angle.

3. Slide the CD into this slot.

4. Create an eye hole at the bottom of the box under the CD.

5. Point the spectrometer at the bright light source and look through the eye hole

Light can be divided into the color spectrum using a spectrometer. Different light sources will provide different spectra through the spectrometer. Different spectra or “rainbow” are displayed from different light sources because they are made up of different elements.
For example a streetlight will have a different spectrum to the laptop screen, the old lamps in the net consist primarily of sodium elements, which will give a strong yellow color, as can be seen when burning Sodium Chloride. How do scientists know the elements of making up a distant star there? The scientists point the starlight to their spectrometers, then they analyze the spectra of the stars, from the spectrum and the observed black line, the scientists can infer consisting of what kind of gas distant stars are there. Our solar spectrum shows that sunlight is made of mainly hydrogen.

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