Make snowball Experiment


A snowball is a ball-shaped ball made of snow. The simplest snow ball is made by snowmaking by hand and condensing it into a fist-sized ball. Snowballs are widely used in various games such as snowballing, and snowman making. Compacting it with high pressure will make the snow ball as hard as ice so that it is dangerous if thrown. Snow that is too dry or too cold is difficult to make into a snowball, because it takes a little water to make each ice particles in the snow stick together (cohesion properties).

Under certain conditions, though rare, snowball can snowball and roll off by itself. These conditions include a layer of ice between the snow and the ground so that the snow does not stick. In addition, it takes wind and gravity to push the snow to form the ball

in the experiment the A snowball is an ornament with a snowfall effect in a glass ball or glass, this effect is quite beautiful so it is quite liked by children, to make this ornament tool and materials used are as follows

Glass or jar with lid
Strong glass or plastic glue
Ornaments (can be dolls, trees, animals-plastic hewanan etc).

Glycerin 1-10%
Glitter (a type of knacks that give effect sheen)

How to made
1. Wear the jar with the lid
2. Close of this jar will be given the decoration that will be in the input in the glass

3. For example we wear the doll then the doll we glue on the lid from the jar with a strong
4. On the other side we make the snow by pouring water almost full of jars

5. We mix about 20 ml of glycerin in the water
6. We add glitter to the water and glycerine mixture

7. After that we close this jar with the cover we have given the decoration earlier
8. After that we close tightly, can also with glue let me not off the lid
9. We shake the glass up and down
10. The beautiful snow effect of glitter is now so …
11. The image below is a finished result with a tree ornament.

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