NATA DE DRAGON (Dragon Fruit Peel as Rich Anti Oxidant Nata )

Nata comes from the Spanish language when translated to in Latin to “natare “Which means Nata’s float includes fermentation products, such as yogurt. Starter used is bacteria Acetobacter xylinum, if grown in liquid media that contain sugar, this bacteria will produce acidacetate and a floating white layer floating on the surface of the liquid medium the. That white layer is known seb
agai nata. 

Nata was first developed in the Philippines. Trial development in Indonesia was conducted in Central Research and Development of Agricultural Products Industry Bogor.  The biggest content in na ta is 98% water.   Nata is very good consumed especially by those who are low calorie diet or a high-fiber diet, high water content serves to expedite the process of body metabolism. Nata fiber in the body man will meng tie up all the remaining ingredients of combustion that do not absorbed by the body, then thrown through the anus in the form of stool or bolus

Dragon or dragone fruit is a fruit that grows in much of North America to Mexico. Named dragon fruit because its skin is like dragon scales. In china this fruit is usually always present in the celebration of various religious ceremonies because it is considered as one of the sacral fruit for offerings to the gods. Therefore, the development of dragon fruit is very fast even today in Indonesia had already many farmers who planted this dragon fruit. dragon fruit suitable to be planted in a rather dry area because it is included in the type of cactus plants so it does not require much water for its growth.

Meanwhile, Red dragon fruit that lately attracted a lot of public, 30-35% of their skin is often just thrown away as a waste. As an effort to utilize the red dragon fruit skin waste that has not been optimal, and in order to increase the economic value of the red dragon fruit skin and its usefulness for the community it needs to be utilized in order to increase the economic value and benefit the community.

Based on the above two students are Yulia Nur Rohmawati and Yuliana Syarifatul Saadah from SMA Muhammadiyah 1 Babat Lamongan East Java, they managed to find a pretty good and useful product that is Nata de Dragon, the dragon fruit skin is made as a rich anti oxidant nata.
The basic ingredients of this nata de dragon manufacture are the skin of dragon fruit and bacteria Acetobacter xylinum, added other ingredients such as water, sugar regulator acidity citric acid, they also test the antioxidant content of this nata de dragon, in the results of this study they also compare nata de dragon with nata made from other ingredients


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