NUTSHELL CASSAVA (an innovative utilization of peanut and cassava peel waste as a hyperlipidermia drug)

This work is the work of Moh. Adib Maulana, Maulana Ahmad Danial and Murni Aromahati from Ihyaul Ulum Junior High School Dukun who won the first prize in scientific writing competition at SMA Hidayatys Salam Lowayu Dukun Gresik in 2016. In this research they use the skin of cassava nuts as hyperlipediamia or Excess Fat in blood. A summary of their research can be seen below.

Based on research Sulistyani et al. (2011), peanut shells contain polyphenols, saponins, and fibers that are thought to affect lipid profiles. Polyphenols have the power to inhibit lipid peroxidation, free radical capture, and inhibition of tissue damage caused by haem proteins and metal ions (Haliwell and Gutteridge, 1999). While the fiber slows the emptying of the stomach as well as binding bile acids and cholesterol in the intestinal lumen to then secreted with feces.

Cassava peel

Saponins are reported to interfere with the enterohepatic circulation of bile acids and inhibit lipid absorption to lower lipid levels in the blood. Since enterohepatic circulation is inhibited, bile acids that are absorbed through the gastrointestinal tract will be inhibited as well. Reduced levels of bile acids will lead to increased production of bile acids derived from cholesterol thus causing a decrease in cholesterol in the liver (Ganiswarna et al., 2004).

Before the antidislipidemia activity test, rats were treated with dyslipidemia with high fat diet. From the comparison of data in the experiment, it was found that the induction of high fat diet foods given for 7 days had managed to increase total cholesterol and LDL levels above normal, and lower HDL below normal, in all treatment groups.
Nut sheell
So that test animals in these groups can be declared suffering from dyslipidemia. However, high-fat diet induction is not able to increase above normal triglycerides (26-145 mg / dL). Triglycerides are one of the fat components that are primarily used in the body to provide energy for various metabolic processes. If triglycerides are directly used as energy, for example, individuals who are actively exercising, triglycerides in the body will remain in the normal range.


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