Pineapple Waste Changed to Environmentally friendly Tissue (Paper Towel)

Students SMAN 2 Lamongan who managed to innovate it, Octaviana Galuh Pratiwi and Shella Vidya Ayu. They both won the gold medal event of the Indonesia Science Project Olimpiad (ISPO) for the field of technology some time ago.
Pineapple Waste Changed to Environmentally friendly Tissue
Pineapple fruit peeled and then sliced into small pieces then blended for the pulp. The pineapple bran is then mixed with rotten fruits and water with a ratio of 3: 1: 1. Pineapple fruit 300 grams, 100 grams of rotten fruit and 1 gram of water and covered with plastic, “said one student of class XI, Octaviana.

The mixed material is placed inside the container and covered with plastic. Further stays for 2 weeks in airtight condition. The process of making these environmentally friendly tissues, continued Octaviana, did not stop there. After 2 weeks, a white layer appeared on it called Acetobacter xylinum bacteria. “After becoming Acetobacter xylinum then blend again and dried, then just be a tissue,” he said.

This innovation is made of anxiety at the sight of many 5-year-old pine tree felling taken by cellulose. That is done for the use of conventional tissue as commonly used by the community at large.

In fact, said Octaviana, the impact of tree felling is the emergence of natural disasters, ranging from global warming to floods and landslides.”From here we find out replacing the basic ingredients of tissue making in the form of cellulose plants with bacterial cellulose,” said Octaviana while explaining if the results of thought and research is written into papers and included in the event ISPO (Indonesia Science Project Olimpiad) technology category.

While the teacher companion of two female students, Nurul Samsiya confessed tissue-based pineapple pulp and rotten fruit has many advantages. One of them has a high absorption, its strength also exceeds that of conventional wipes. “The most important is environmentally friendly, because the basic materials do not use wooden cambium,” he said.