The Stair Snake Special Blind Patients

Blind people, especially children certainly need adequate play facilities. Solidarity among children with blind people is also needed in order to foster their social life. From the observations of researchers in the field and on the internet have not found a special snake ladder media for patients with blind. Based on the above description, we innovate to make a product called blind ladder snakes that are specifically used for children with blind people. This media uses braille-shaped symbols.

The Stair Snake Special Blind Patients

Although just sitting in the fourth grade of elementary school, but Hanun Dzatirrajwa has a high level of high concern. Apparently it is precisely that it brings itself into one of 29 selected invites in the event of National Young Inventor Award (NYIA) 2016 at LIPI Center, Jakarta on Monday (26/09/2016).

The creation of ‘Deaf Ears Deafness’ originated from his attention to his friends who have limited visibility or blindness. The presence of the game is expected to help his friends.

“The existence of the game at this time less facilitate the blind people to play like any other normal children. That’s why I created this game, “explained the students of SD IT Bina Amal Semarang Central Java.

The Stair Snake Special Blind Patients
A number of advantages that became the innovation of the game of the blind step ladder Hanun’s work is the use of braille embossed. That way, players will be able to feel their hand movements following snakes and ladders.

Like other ladder games, Hanun still uses the dice to direct the game. But the girl added a bell to the inside of the dice. It will make it easier for players to know the position of the dice.

“In order for the game to run, the groove in the form of ladders and snakes are replaced with arrow plots,” Hanun explained when showing how to use the board game.

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