Umbrella Camping 7 in 1

Maybe among us there is a hobby camping, but lazy because the goods we carry too much, so for reasons that are lazy to camping again, then this is the solution of it, is Umbrella Camping 7 in 1, this tool was created by the two girls are Vina Ardina Reswari and Yuni Rahma Khoirun Nisa, they are two girls from MAN Kudus Central Java, with this discovery they become one of the finalists in Young National Inventors Award (NYIA) held LIPI in 2015 with the work of Camping Umbrella 7 in 1 , or rather a multi-functional camping umbrella into seven other useful objects.Umbrellas that they make can do 7 jobs, so practical and can trim or minimize the items below when camping or traveling. In addition, the umbrella they create is economical, because with the aat can save the purchase of replacement items, you no longer buy mugs and flashlights separately, because it already exists in this very nice

For those of you who like traveling or camping then this umbrella is perfect for you, because the umbrellas they make this can turn into a tent, backpack, flashlight, cooling mug, emergency lights and tongsis for selfie. For easy use because this umbrella is relatively light because it is made of a thin but flexible fabric, so strong when used as such objects, Mugs, flashlights, emergency lights and tongsis are located on the handle of the umbrella, while the tent, backpack and umbrella can be made by modifying the umbrella fabric.

This tool has not been in big scale production so can not be utilized by many people, in the hope this tool soon in big scale production so that everyone wants to camping or traveling can use it, and experience a very enjoyable experience using this exciting piece of work


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