Utilazation Of Waste Rice Straw As Material Paper Making



The development of world education is increasing, will be directly proportional to the world paper konsusmsi. Paper is a thin and flat material, produced by fiber compression derived from the pulp. The fiber used is usually natural, and contains cellulose and hemicellulose.

Rice is a monocotyl plant that grows in the tropics. Rice crops that are ready for harvest will be taken of the grains and the stems and leaves will be removed. These stalks and leaves are called straws. Straw is one of the agricultural waste that has not been utilized optimally. During this rice straw is used for animal feed and mushroom growing media. Nevertheless, straw is still abundant and sometimes must be burned.

The development of pulp industry in Indonesia runs fastly, but it is not balanced with adequate supply of raw materials. Currently, most of the industry is running at the installed capacity of raw materials from the dense and expensive natural forests. This fact is reinforced by the statement of Lestari (2010), based on Ministry of Forestry statistics Indonesia 2009 which noted that the rate of forest destruction in Indonesia reached 1.08 ha / year. So to overcome these problems there needs to be efforts to convert wood raw materials by utilizing non-timber forest products lignocellulose as a substitute.

Straw is an agricultural waste that can be utilized as a raw material pulping that is easy to get and is a renewable energy. In addition, straw can be directly used as raw material for paper making. The use of straw as a raw material of paper can be used after the rice harvest is about 2 months. In contrast to wood that grows up to annual, also if using wood raw materials will cause various losses including natural disasters (Macklin, 2009).


The purpose of this Scientific Research is
1. Describe the materials and tools used to make paper from the waste of rice straw
2. Provide information on how to make paper from rice straw waste
3. To find out how the paper is produced from the waste of straw

 Equipment and Materials
Research Equipment
The tools used in this practicum are Scissors,  burners, 100 ml measuring cups, glass spatula, 250 ml beaker glass, strainer, filter paper, petri dish, blender and plastic container and screen
Research Materials
The material used is 100 g of straw with length + 1 cm, NaOH 6% (Sodium Hydroxide), starch and H2O (water).


Making Of paper pulp

The straw used in this research is the straw obtained from farm and agricultural waste, generally the village where the writer and this research is Bejan Siwalan village Panceng Subdistrict Gresik Regency still throw away the waste of agricultural produce and the waste of the livestock product by burning it, of course this very less effective because the straw waste can be used as a material to make objects more useful ie paper than to be burned.

Straw collection from agricultural waste

In this study straw obtained from cattle farm waste and from rice fields cut into pieces and dried. A total of 100 grams of dried straw that has been cut into pieces ± 1 cm,  cooking with a solution of 6% NaOH as much as 250 ml which aims to eliminate lignin and molecules other impurity molecules present in rice straw.

Weighing the pieces of Straw

The heating is done for about 60 minutes until the boiling solution and the straw feels soft or easy to break with your hands and feels sticky, indicating that the straw is ready to be mechanically destroyed.

Cooking straw to boiling

Lignin lost or dissolved in water can be characterized by a brown solution, solution chocolate formed due to lignin and other pollutants dissolved in NaOH, after washing with clean water for several times to keep the straw clean and mechanically destroyed by using a blender. Straw that has been in the blender is dried and ready for use.

Finishing the straw with Blender

Making Paper at Screen

In this paper paper technique used the same as making recycle paper which still use simple tool in the form of screen made of wood and gauze that made with size 40 cm x 60 cm.

Making of Screen

A total of 100 grams of pulp obtained mixed with 100 grams of starch and 100 ml of water (ratio 1: 1) and mixed well with mechanical stirring, after the solution mixed, we added dye to beautify the color of the paper, after a fairly flat and then poured on top of the screen that has been prepared by using fine wood then flattened, the water that came out then was absorbed using the sponge.

Pouring pulp to screen

after dry enough paper was transferred to plywood which was covered in cloth and in drying in the sun, after dry was formed.

Preparation of paper drying

Paper made from rice straw in this research is the same as paper made with paper made from recycling, this is because the technique is in use is still very simple and and not done with the press so that the paper produced is still thick and less white as HVS paper in general, so it is given coloring to improve the results of paper making with this technique.

The Result of paper


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