Utilization of Banana Peel Waste as Raw Material for Making Tissues

Banana peel waste is found in areas that produce banana chips and sale and still can not be utilized by the surrounding people, but only as a waste of no use.

Utilization of Banana Leather Waste as Raw Material for Making Tissues

But in the hands of the students of Chemistry Education Department FMIPA Yoyagkarta University, it turns out banana peel can be used as an alternative material for making tissue. They are Jovita Ridhani, Laela Mukaromah, Monica Azizu Haqi, Dhani Priantoro, Achmad Sabit N.

The team leader, Jovita says, banana peel has a thick texture and contains cellulose which is a tissue-making material. In addition, it turns out banana peel contains vitamin C, B, calcium, Protein and also good enough fat. So that banana peel has many benefits for the skin such as eliminating acne, cure psoriasis, remove small warts, help wound dry faster and others.

The process of making is washing the skin of banana with aquades, slicing small banana peels with knives as needed and wearing gloves when cutting them, then drying all the banana skin slices with sunlight over the flat basket and mixing dry banana peels, water, and NaOH crystals in a pan with a comparison of banana skin composition, water, and NaOH crystals. Next boil the mixture of the ingredients in a large saucepan until about 1.5 hours and then remove the NaOH by washing it clean so as not to leave the smell from the cooking solution. Then soak with chlorine solution for 1 hour, wash with clean water until the smell of chlorine is lost then soften the soft dough with a blender.

After that mix with talcum as much as 1.5 Kg into the dough and dilute the dough or pulp in order to produce thin paper and pour the batter into the wide basin. Put the sponge on the table, then put the wetted cloth on it, filter the mixture (not too thick) in the basin using screen printing screen and then put screen screen printing on top of sponge that has been coated fabric upside down, rub a little screen and lift it carefully. and then cover with a damp cloth, adding another layer of wet cloth. Pick up one pair and dry in a hot place and then ironing a pair after another and then gently opening the cloth.

The next step is to conduct a Tensile Strength Test, Thickness Test, Gramatur or Basic Weight of Kleenex Paper


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