Utilization of Egg Shell and Coffee Waste As An Environmentally Friendly Ants Chalk

Some of us would often immediately throw away the coffee grounds and eggshells in our kitchen, but these two materials have a pretty good benefit that can be used as an ant chalk, as done by Giselle Kosala, Andini Jinggan Ayumurti and Naura Fadhila from SMP Al-Hikmah Suarabaya, the result of this work became finalist in East Java’s elevated scientific writing competition at Hidayatus Salam Lowayu Dukun Gresik.

Ants that are natural pesticides for organic farming. But often also found as pests and animals that interfere for humans, so sometimes need to drive them for example when in the house. One way to repel ants is to use coffee grounds and eggshells made in the form of lime ants.

In this study they made lime ants with 3 recipes. Recipe 1 is made from egg shell only, recipe 2 is made from coffee grounds, recipe 3 made from eggshell and coffee pulp with ratio 1: 2, from these three recipes the best composition is recipe 3 because the density is strong and not easily fragile. In addition to eggshells and coffee grounds to make this ant chalk is given additional ingredients such as topioka flour, calcium flour and water. After the composition of this lime has been made they then test it to repel ants in the house and the results of ants on the run to know the lime of this ant.

Ants chalk with coffee and egg shell materials can repel ants this is caused in eggshells containing alkaline calcium carbonate and coffee grounds containing heterocyclic pyridine compounds that are volatile to produce a distinctive odor disliked by ants. From this study they expect the public to use this household waste before being disposed of in the trash. And expect there are other discoveries that can repel other insects but environmentally friendly


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