Utilization of Egg Shells as the Main Material of Liquid Tooth Cleaner High Calcium and Environmentally Friendly

These two students are M. Wahyu S and M. Hanif D, they are students from SMPN 1 Gresik which is the 2nd winner in the scientific work competition held by SMA Hidayatus Salam Gresik East Java Indonesia. Based that the number of chicken eggs consumed by the people of Indonesia and not utilized by egg shells, so they try to take advantage of eggshells that are usually always thrown into this waste basket, based on the results of their literature study that this eggshell contains calcium equivalent to milk. In addition, egg shells also contain several types of magnesium, so the eggshell has many substances needed by the teeth.

At the present moment one form of dental care such as brushing your teeth with toothpaste and toothbrush or with liquid tooth cleanser. In teeth cleaners usually contain some of the substances needed by the tooth such as calcium carbonate that works to clean and remove stains and plaque, water as a solvent, betel leaf extract to kill and inhibit bacterial growth, glycerine to maintain moisture etc. One ingredient that has many similarities of substances with teeth cleaning is the eggshell. Some of the similarities of the substances such as water, calcium carbonate, magnesium carbonate, from this analytical result of this egg shell can be used as the main natural ingredient for making liquid teeth cleaning, so the amount of waste eggshell can be overcome by making the egg shell to be liquid tooth cleaner which can be a superior product and can improve the economy of the community.

Egg shell

This research is done at Tanjung Hulu Street precisely in GKB (Gresik Kota Baru). This place was chosen because this place because there are many people selling food and drinks made from chicken eggs. For example, the moonlight, STMJ, martabak, tofu eggs and egg fried rice. On this road there are many abundant eggshells, such as in the garbage cans of food sellers packed with eggshells. Therefore, they are the place to do research.

They made this liquid tooth cleaner by washing 300 grams of chicken egg shell until it was clean. Then the eggshell eggs were dried and crushed, so the eggshell was powdered, then put into the container and added 50 grams of sodium lauryl sulfate, then added peppermint oil 5 cc, 250 ml glycerine solution, and betel leaf extract and lime juice to taste in each container. Egg liquid teeth cleaner is ready for use.

From the results of this study they expect that this product can be mass produced by the community and can be a superior product. With the presence of these products may be able to help open new jobs for small and medium entrepreneurs, thus reducing unemployment in Gresik.


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