Utilization Extract Carambola Starfruit (Averhoa blimbi L) As Indicators Rhodamine B Of The Drink

According to WHO, rhodamin B is harmful to human health because of its chemical properties and heavy metal content. Rhodamine B contains chlorine (Cl) compounds. Chlorine is a harmful and reactive halogen compound. If swallowed, then this compound will strive to achieve stability in the body by binding other compounds in the body, this is toxic to the body. In addition, rhodamine B also has an alkylating compound (CH3-CH3) which is radical so it can bind to proteins, fats, and DNA in the body.

Carambola Starfruit (Averhoa blimbi L)

The use of these dyes was banned in Europe beginning in 1984 because rhodamins included strong carcinogens (cancer causing agents). The rhodamine B toxicity test performed on mice and rats has proven to be a carcinogenic effect. Rhodamin B consumption in the long term can accumulate in the body and can cause symptoms of liver and kidney enlargement, liver dysfunction, liver damage, physiological disorders of the body, or even can lead to liver cancer. In general, the dangers of consuming rhodamine B will occur if the dye is consumed in the long run. However, it should be noted that rhodamine B may also cause acute effects if ingested as much as 500 mg / kg BW, which is a toxic dose. Possible toxic effects are irritation of the gastrointestinal tract.

Based the above problems, Two girls student are Meisy Gita Silva and Argia Rasmadewi Bakri they come from SMAN 1 Bulukumba South Sulawesi Indonesia, in the event of Indonesia Science Project Olimpyad, they introduced their findings was the use of Carambola starfruit as an indicator of rhodamine B in drinks

Rhodamine B dye is often added to food or drink to appear more attractive, but this material is known to be very dangerous because it can lead to cancer and impaired liver function, as long as many people are difficult to find or check the presence of rhodamine in the beverage or food, so they created the technique that is easier for the public by using extracts starfruit that grow in their area

From the results of their analysis showed that beverages containing Rhodamine B will give a darker orange color when compared with a drink that does not contain Rhodamine B, from the analysis also showed higher levels of Rhodamine B orange color that produced the dark

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