Utilization of Kluwih Seed (Artocarpus camansi) As Vegetable Milk

These two students are Faris Amilussolihah and Abdul Jabbar Al-faizi they are students of SMP Al-Azhar Menganti Gresik East Java who has found a vegetable milk that is “Subliku”: Kluwih Milk Seeds, the amount of Kluwih plants in their area make them interested to utilize this plant to be something useful especially the seeds that are often thrown away and not widely utilized, thanks to this research, they managed to reach the 3rd champion in scientific writing contest that was held in SMA Hidayatus Salam Dukun Gresik.

From their analysis showed that kluwih plants are widely used as vegetables in their area. But the part that is used as a vegetable is the meat. Just like in the Menganti Gresik area, kluwih plants in other areas are sold in the market at low prices and used as vegetables, such as lodeh vegetables. As for the seeds are removed as waste. Viewed from its chemical composition, kluwih seed is quite potential as a source of nutrition because it contains carbohydrates, protein, calcium, and phosphorus. One of the alternative sources of energy is vegetable milk.
The process of making kluwih seed milk is relatively easy and simple, based on the results of their research making vegetable milk is made to separate the seeds from the outer skin, then weighed as much as 500 grams. The seeds are separated from the skin so that the milk produced will not be brown. Clean seeds soaked in 600 mL of water for 12 hours. This is done so that the seed becomes mild. After that the seeds are washed so that the dirt is still attached to be lost. The cooking process is done until the seed becomes soft so that the process of refinement becomes easy. After soft the seeds are smoothed by using blender. At the time of smoothing with water as much as 400 mL to facilitate the process of smoothing. After that, the filtration is done to separate the kluwih seed extract from the dregs.

The resulting juice, then cooked by a moderate fire while stirring. This is done so that the texture of milk kluwih seed is not destroyed. Before boiling kiwih bii milk added with 250 grams of sugar, salt to taste, and ginger. This is done to increase the taste of kluwih seed milk. Mature milk is packed in sterile glass bottles. The packaging is done when the milk is still hot so the milk becomes durable.

This milk is made from ingredients that have high nutritional value that includes carbohydrates, protein, calcium, and phosphorus. In addition, the resulting milk is not intoxicating and is not unclean or cause disease, then the milk is kosher for consumption.

Kluwih (wikipedia)

In our study the texture of kluwih seed milk produced rather roughly. This is because the smoothing process using a blender is less long and the water used a little. In addition, the milk is also thick because the water is added to the cooking process less.

Milk was then tested with Benedict’s solution to determine its carbohydrate content. After milk is added 3 drops of blue benedict solution, the brownish-white milk changes

become thick and brownish red. This indicates that the milk contains carbohydrates. In addition to carbohydrate test, milk is tested with Biuret solution to determine the protein content. The brownish-white milk added with 3 drops of the blue Biuret solution, the milk turns purple black. This indicates that the milk contains proteins

To test the feasibility and taste of their artificial milk they conducted research on their students ‘college students. Based on the respondents’ survey of 25 students in their school, showed that kluwih seed milk had a good taste of 76% and it was similar to soy milk . The smell of ginger and pandanus on kluwih seed milk has been felt as much as 80%, but according to the respondents better given the other flavor because many students of SMP Al-Azhar Menganti this is not too fond of ginger. And 72% of respondents said that kluwih seed milk is made has a slightly coarse texture and too thick. This indicates that kluwih seed milk is feasible for consumption and is favored enough by students in this school as well as for the wider community

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