Utilization of Snail Mucus (Achatina Fulica) As Natural Body Lotion

See Snails, disgust? do not always, because in the hands of junior high school students Al-Hikmah Surabaya, the animal that has been considered as an enemy of farmers because they like to eat agricultural crops, into a product of high value and very useful.

Snail (wikipedia)

is Zhafirah Khansa R., Arina Sabila Rahma, Kusuma Wardani S , which has succeeded in making body lotion from snail mucus, thanks to this work they also succeeded in reaching the participants favorite in the competition of scientific writing junior high school level of East Java held Hidayatus Salam Lowayu Dukun Gresik.

To make this body lotion they take snail mucus by breaking the shell with a hammer and facing the shell down so that over time the mucus will come out, which then mucus mucus is mixed with other ingredients such as sheabutter, olive oil, vitamin E, and essential oil green tea, mixture in mixer until evenly and body lotion ready to use.

To test the results of their body lotion, they tested it to 20 respondents, they tested which composition is the best when used on human skin, from the results of this test showed that the best composition to make body lotion is with the composition of 20 mL snail mucus, 12 , 5 mL of olive, 2 ml of vitamin E oil, 15 mL of green tea essential oil, and 40 grams of sheabutter

This snail mucus can work effectively moisturize the skin because in this snail mucus contains a high enough protein, where the amino acid in snail mucus protein can moisturize and tighten the skin so that the skin is brighter and healthier, they expect many people to wear this snail mucus as a body lotion, since many body lotions currently in circulation contain chemicals that are harmful to the skin and human health, they also want to continue research on snail mucus ii so that other benefits found from this snail mucus.

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