Waste Palm Cooking Oil as Candle Making Materials

Waste Palm Cooking Oil as Candle Making Materials

Indonesia is one of the largest palm oil producers in the world. In the past decade, the average growth of Indonesian palm oil production reached 21.67 percent to tens of millions of tons. Unfortunately, the great potential of oil palm in Indonesia has not been maximally utilized. Whereas palm oil can be processed into household needs such as cooking oil, soap and lighting fuel. Palm oil contains flammable chemicals, namely stearic acid. For that we use it as a candle.

Waste Palm Cooking Oil as Candle Making Materials
Oil palm (Fig:poduknaturalnusantara.com)

The purpose of this study are: (1). Knowing the characterization and content of stearic acid in frying oil used after frying, (2). Make use of filtered palm frying oil used as cooking oil, (3). Knowing the ratio of palm oil with PVOH and stearic acid which is optimal in making candles. The benefit of this study is to produce candles that can last long and reduce the danger of smoke. With the efficiency of the materials used, it is expected to reach out and be in accordance with the economy of the community. This research was conducted in July-August 2015 at SMP 1 Turi Sleman Yogyakarta and included three stages, namely (1). Filtering and characterizing oil palm cooking oil, (2). Wax making and (3). Test the properties of wax.

Waste Palm Cooking Oil as Candle Making Materials
Candles in jars (gb.www.abeautifulmess.com)

The conclusion of this study is the manufacture of wax made from used palm oil cooking oil can be done by adding polyvinyl alcohol and stearic acid. And optimization of cooking oil with polyvinyl alcohol and stearic acid obtained 1: 4: 8 (PVOH: stearic acid: used cooking oil). And the comparison of used cooking oil and stearic acid in a ratio of 2: 1

Yulia Mitayani and Nurul Tiyas Septiyani
SMPN 1 Donokerto Turi Sleman Yogyakarta Indonesia


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