Water Visibility Detector

Water is the source of human life, animals, and plants. In human life, water is used in all areas of life. In household activities, water is used for drinking, washing, bathing and latrines. Someone in developed countries ordains 250 liters of water every day, while in developing or poor countries, the water requirement per day is only 150 liters. In the industrial field, water is the raw material for cooling and plant maintenance processes. Meanwhile, waterfalls can drive generators for power plants. In agriculture, water is needed for irrigation. Without water, there would be no farming. Water for agriculture is used for irrigation.

Water Visibility Detector

Well water that we are not always clean and sometimes even turbid, let alone already pumped, so we as users feel annoyed because it uses electricity and water can not be in use, but we lose energy because the bathroom drain, this is what inspired Dimas Arfianto students from SMKN 2 Kudus Senior High School, to create a tool in the form of water pump that can detect the turbidity of water so that when the dirty water conditions then the water pump will not be lit, so with this work he became one of National Young Inventor Award NYIA finalists in 2015 held at LIPI Building Jakarta

This tool is a box-shaped length of 22 cm, width of 15 cm, and height 7 cm in pairs on the pump pipe, this tool is equipped with a sensor that works based on the principle of water turbidity sensor, this sensor will detect the turbid water so the pump is not on (off) and if the water is clear then the pump keeps running (on). With this tool Dimas hopes to be able to solve the dirty water problems facing the community today although of course not everything is solved.

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