Utilization of Banana Heart and Parasite Plant on Mango Trees As Replacement For Insulin Hormone

We know that insulin plays an important role in processing blood sugar into energy needed by the body. If the blood in our body contains high levels of sugar, we have diabetes. If the body has diabetes, the body can have problems responding and producing insulin. High blood sugar stimulates the pancreas to produce insulin in high quantities. If this factor lasts a long time will happen insulin resistance, is the decrease of pancreatic work in producing insulin. This aspect refers to the occurrence of type 2 diabetes mellitus.

Banana heart

The relationship between the hormone insulin with diabetes is really tight and complex. Diabetics need a lot of insulin to lower high blood sugar levels. Acute diabetes can also reduce the function of the pancreas to respond and produce insulin for the body. From this factor we can learn that we must always maintain the body’s health let the function of organs and hormones can run normally. This subject we can start by deepening the hormone insulin relationship with diabetes.

Based above reason The two students are Iftiania Ardita Utami Putri and Rosidatul Ummah of SMAN 1 Lamongan, they are one of the Indonesian Science Project Olimpyad participants from Lamongan East Java Indonesia, they present a very unique titles that take advantage of the banana and the mango plant parasites as an insulin substitute a great alternative for people with diabetes mellitus.

Manggo Parasite Plant

In order for these two plants can be consumed by people with diabetes with delicious, they make these plants as a side dish with fish mix or combine with cork as a source of protein and makes it a delicious fish jerky, fish jerky making of a combination of banana, mango parasites on and fish cork provides many benefits for people who use.  They hope this discovery will help people with diabetes


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