Utilization of Bamboo Leaf as Composite Material for Making Soundproof Walls

Bamboo Leaf as Soundproof Walls Material

Bamboo Leaf as Soundproof Walls Material In modern times like today, development and technological development progress rapidly. This matter causing the noise of a room to also increase. This noise results in the effectiveness of the use of space in buildings as well decrease. Therefore, a system for sound isolation or absorption is needed by…

Modulus young apparatus (Pict:matterandinteractions.org)

Effect of Young’s Modulus Creep Fast Against Stimulus In Spider Webs

Spiders are one of the beings who have specialized in the sensory organs receive stimuli. He has a sensitive early warning system in which the body is covered with hairs that are very sensitive to vibration. Furthermore, the behavior of spiders shows that they receive information sent through via their webs of vibration trapped prey….

Pineapple Waste Changed to Environmentally friendly Tissue

Pineapple Waste Changed to Environmentally friendly Tissue (Paper Towel)

Students SMAN 2 Lamongan who managed to innovate it, Octaviana Galuh Pratiwi and Shella Vidya Ayu. They both won the gold medal event of the Indonesia Science Project Olimpiad (ISPO) for the field of technology some time ago. Pineapple fruit peeled and then sliced into small pieces then blended for the pulp. The pineapple bran…

The Stair Snake Special Blind Patients

The Stair Snake Special Blind Patients

Blind people, especially children certainly need adequate play facilities. Solidarity among children with blind people is also needed in order to foster their social life. From the observations of researchers in the field and on the internet have not found a special snake ladder media for patients with blind. Based on the above description, we…

Healthy Water Treatment Teapot

Healthy Water Treatment Teapot

This teapot is not just any ordinary teapot, created by Okti Nurhidayah, a student from SMA Negeri 1 Sampang, Cilacap Regency, Central Java, Indonesia, can change the contaminated water to be consumed, even salty sea water into fresh water that can be drunk. Teko is a container of drinking water made of clay, this household…

Green Technology for Fish Farmers

Appropriate Green Technology for Fish Farmers

Feeding fish is one of the important things in the cultivation of fish. Unfortunately at this time the fish feeding system is generally still very dependent on human resources for its giving is still manual. Simple feeder by hand spread fish feed directly into the pool / fishpond. The use of the system has several…

Sleepy jacket or Sleepy Reminding Jacket they make is designed for driving safety standards. How it works jacket reminds the sleepy rider by giving vibration to the body of the rider. In this jacket implanted four main components of the Earclip Hearth Rate Sensor as input, Arduino Uno R3 as a microcontroller, 5.9 Volt DC motor as output and PCB board. The system they create can vibrate DC motors if the detectable pulse rate is below normal or less than 60 mmHg and returns to rest if the pulse reaches a normal value or about 80 mmHg. To use the jacket is also quite easy The earclip sensor is installed in the ear, then the switch on the jacket is turned on, the system will detect the pulse and get the average pulse rate per 20 seconds, vibration arises when the pulse is smaller than 60 mmHg (Sleepy condition) if the pulse is normal then this vibration stops automatically

Anti Sleepy Jacket For Motorcyclists

Increase in the number of motor vehicles continue to increase, it is influential and can causing an increase in the level of accidents in the streets. Travel on a motorcycle is a job that demands a physical condition prhyme and strong. Preparation before driving and concentration during the journey it’s a very important thing. Before…

Catfish Harvest Equipment Solar Panel Based

Basically, the catfish farmers in the country still use the traditional way in the cultivation of this mustachioed fish. So that the yield is not maximal. But along with the birth of new innovations are now modern catfish cultivation gives better yields to multiply. This makes some catfish farmers change the catfish cultivation of the…

nspired often bikers who often bring goods so that his sign lights are not visible and the number of drivers who forget to turn off the sign lights, then to reduce these things then this student makes a helmet equipped with a sign light with head nod sensor. This helmet is equipped with two sign lights on the left and right, when the head turns left then the sign lights on the left of the helmet will light up, otherwise when turning right then the lights on the right helmet will light up. In addition, this sign light can be turned off by nodding the head, if the driver forgot to nod head then this sign light will die alone within 30 seconds

Helmet With Sign Light

Nowadays,the occurence of traffic accidents is not uncommon, especially among two-wheeled-vehicle riders. There are fourcauses of traffic accidents : human being, vehicle, road, and environment. From the human factor, the main cause is the rider’s disregard for traffic rules and traffic signs. The most common cause of deaths is head injuries due to not wearing…

Trash of the same category will have almost the same electrical current (range); while waste with different categories will have a significant difference. Through this concept, researchers create sensors that can conduct electrical current, receive electrical current, and send it back to the microcontroller in the form of data. With this data, researchers created a microcontroller program to operate the bin automatically with the help of servo motors (open-closed) and set the range of data to detect organic, inorganic, and metal trash. Then, with the help of the program, the microcontroller can differentiate the waste by material and decide which lid will open. With this product, people are expected to be aware of the importance of waste processing, especially in sorting waste based on category. Furthermore, waste processing will become easier because the garbage has been sorted.

Smart Trash Bin

Garbage has become a serious problem in many big cities in Indonesia, especially in Jakarta. Currently, there are many people who do not know about the garbage problem. They ignore the importance of handling waste in the neighborhood because of the lack of awareness of the community itself. So far, the government has made several…

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