Make a Rain of Gold Experiment


The minds of people today and the ancients actually in every daydream or wishful thinking would want rich, if the ancient people who called rich if you have a lot of money and gold, if today other than gold is still a lot more in got what is it? Everyone knows, the mind wants to be rich by making gold has happened in ancient times, so many scientists try to make gold by cooking sand with livestock urine, yes of course the result is not gold though the color yellow, because gold can not be synthesized with ordinary chemical reactions

Yes the name is human, I also want to rich with making gold rich minds of ancient scientists ha .. ha .. but when we make gold from chemicals, precisely golden rain from the reaction is quite famous in chemistry, the deposition reaction.

To make fake gold (Fake Gold Rain) we need the following tools and materials

500 ml enlemeyer glass
Drop pipette
Bunsen Burner
KI solution 1 M
Solution Pb (NO 3) 2 1M


1. The first we prepare a KI solution of approximately 200 ml and we input into enlemeyer. This solution is not absolutely 1 M, but it can be with other concentrations expected to precipitate with a solution of Pb(NO3)2

2.After that, we add the solution Pb(NO3)2 slowly by using the pipette as in the picture below until the yellow deposits formed.

3. The yellow solution formed in the above figure is the PbI2solution formed from the reaction between KI and  or if we write the reaction as follows 2KI + Pb(NO3)2 → PbI2+ 2KNO3
After settling the sediment we add aquades again so that the solution is not too thick, then we stir it until evenly and repeatedly so homogeneous
4. After dilution is sufficient, then the solution we heat into the heater spritus or bunsen slowly so that the yellow deposits from PbI2 is soluble, as we see in the picture below
5. PbI2 sediment can be soluble in high temperature or by heating, after the sediment PbI2 dissolves and the solution is not colored, then the solution is idle while observed because in this cooling process will emerge gold, as in the picture below
6. Look at the golden yellow that comes from this cooling process is very beautiful, and similar to the original gold color, slowly golden sediment generated will increase when the solution is cooler as in the picture below
Wow, the gold radiance is becoming more real, perhaps the one who is interested in solidifying it and making it an agate may be okay, but remember that the material used is either Pb or in its everyday language is lead, which is included in the category of dangerous heavy metals, so enough for amusement not for agate .. especially for sale for gold stone, but this lead atom number very close to gold so maybe with this reaction of lead core can be in magic with gold.

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